ChiroSEND Chiropractic Lead Management

A Couple of Reasons to Try ChiroSend

1.  We bring you the most powerful lead ‘touching’ system available.  Easy to           use, easy to keep using.  Most offices use ChiroSend to keep in touch and           manage their massively untouched leads  (ie all those stress surveys and           screening intake forms stored in your garage!).

2.  Keep in touch without thinking about it with preplanned email and            postcard sequences!  With ChiroSend you can send unlimited emails and            newsletters to any or all of your leads (such groups as active clients,            inactive clients, non-starts, event leads, families with kids...virtually  any            grouping of your leads you want to classify)

3.  ZERO set-up fees.  ZERO contracts.  UNLIMITED emails (as long as you            are not sending 1000s of spam emails).  Its SUPER inexpensive, starting at            just 39 bucks a month, you can afford to test it out without any strings            attached!

ChiroSEND is an all powerful web-based lead system that continuously tickles your chiropractic leads, prospects and even active clients with targeted email sequences, newsletters and even printed personalized postcards!
Available in as a stand-alone system or you can choose to add pre-configured chiropractic sequences.
Chiropractic Lead Management System

When you do events and screenings you may only sign up 60-80% of the people you screen/see.

When those scheduled people come in you may start between 40-90% of those.  Now you need a system  to keep in touch with these people in a personalized system..

ChiroSend can handle ALL of the ‘tickling’, from emails and emails sequences, to newsletters and even personalized individual postcards!


Take it from us: not maximizing your ‘already expended’ marketing energy by letting your generated leads sit in your garage is sure to drive you crazy when you see the piles grow!

NO Contracts.

NO Set-up Fees.

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